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Childhood and College Admissions

Childhood and College Admissions May 30, 2012 Dont ruin your daughters childhood because you think equestrian will get her into college. Theres a good chance youre a.) hurting your relationship with your daughter and b.) not helping her chances of admission. Having a nice childhood and college admissions success are not mutually exclusive. Contrary to what Belen Aranda-Alvarado wrote in The New York Times yesterday on their Motherlode blog, kids dont have to start thinking about college admissions when theyre ten! Ms. Aranda-Alvarado, a Tiger Mom-wannabe, is seemingly absolutely nuts. She seems to be under the misimpression that college admissions counselors will drool over a Latina young woman from the Bronx who rides horses. Is equestrian a hook for highly selective college admissions? It can be. Just as basketball can be a hook. In order for it to be a hook, Ms. Aranda-Alvarados daughter best be quite good at riding horses, though. But beyond that, you cant force a hook on a child. Just because Ms. Aranda-Alvarados daughter might like riding horses at ten, that doesnt mean shes going to like doing it at twelve. And while the mother jokes that if her daughter is thinking about quitting some years down the line shell put her foot down, who wants to put yourself in that position? Who wants to force a child to do an activity just to get into college? College admissions counselors werent born yesterday. They can tell if a student is truly passionate about an activity or if theyre doing it because mommy made them. And while Ms. Aranda-Alvarado cites Malcolm Gladwells 10,000 hour theory, a theory that weve written about quite a bit over the years, what she fails to realize is that Bill Gates programmed at a computer for 10,000 hours because he was passionate about programming. Michael Phelps swims for so many hours because he loves swimming. If your daughter isnt passionate about equestrian, shes a.) not going to reach 10,000 hours and b.) not going to impress college admissions counselors to the extent you think she will. A Latina young woman from the Bronx who rides horses isnt as incredible as you might think it is. It may even read: Mommy and Daddy paid big bucks for their daughter to develop a hook so she can get admitted to the college of her choice. Disagree? Let us know your thoughts by posting below.

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Homeless And Mentally Ill Offenders - 1119 Words

Since the closure of the asylum’s doors, the prison compound has become the home to mentally ill offenders. They receive help by getting treated, but others, are abused further inside the prison’s walls. Each year, the number of inmates diagnosed increases, but also the ones who get arrested already mentally ill. The public shies away from them, but they also think they should be treated in a hospital, not in a prison. While there are many cases out there, that have either made a significant difference to their treatment, or just a little nudge to change, the numbers do not drop. The inmates who got the disease before being arrested was most probably because of lack of care by family members. Study shows that overall, there are 500,000 homeless cases in the 2014. Just alone in Texas, the change in homeless in minus three percent, which means it is steadily increasing, and people who need help are not being attended. Then they have a confrontation with the law, for eithe r the possession of illegal substances, public disturbances, or more elicit crimes. Once in custody, they are assessed to find the exact procedures the inmate may need. They are even housed within the facility with alike cases to prevent them from being harmed. Cases that include but are not limited to is, retardation, organic brain syndrome, and more serious mental illnesses like psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and major depression. Many of the mental diseases do not cause violent reaction,Show MoreRelatedWeek1 PBSfilm Essay1369 Words   |  6 Pagesso many people are diagnosed with mental illness in the criminal justice system? Why do you think so many offenders in the criminal justice system suffer from mental illness? I believe so many are diagnosed with mental illness in the criminal justice system due to their repetitive actions of law breaking. In the beginning, these offenders are unaware a mental illness exists. So many offenders have pre-existing mental illnesses which are untreated; others may acquire a mental illness while incarceratedRead MoreHomelessness And Mental Health And Substance Abuse878 Words   |  4 Pagesto 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness (DMHAS, 2014). Consequently, mental illnesses disrupt people’s ability to carry out key aspects of daily life, such as self-care and household responsibilities. As a result of these factors and the stresses of living with a mental disorder, people with mentally illnesses are much more likely to become homeless than the general population (Karger, Stoesz, 2014). Even if homeless individuals withRead MoreHow Crimes Involving The Mentally Ill1056 Words   |  5 Pag es How Crimes Involving the Mentally Ill Are Handled Introduction: Crimes linked to a mental disorder are seen to be abnormal from the established norms in society. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, a mental illness is a condition that impacts a person s thinking, feeling or mood and may affect their ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis.1 These variations often cause deviations from accepted behaviors. Behavior that is said to be not normal oftenRead MoreMental Illness And Mental Health1284 Words   |  6 Pagesbasically channeled the mentally ill into the corrections system. Often mentally ill offenders are released into community care. Lurigio emphasized that community based care â€Å"compartmentalizes† mentally ill offenders and creates limitations on whom they treat. This creates yet another gap within the corrections system for offenders to fall into. Those who require treatment may not get what they need because community care can only treat so much. These â€Å"missed† offenders are often the most seriousRead MoreThe Criminal Justice System Lacks The Necessary Fiscal986 Words   |  4 Pageslacks the necessary fiscal resources to manage the needs of mentally ill offenders. Mentally ill offenders have limited access to mental health professionals, medical staff, and criminal justice professionals who can accurately assess, evaluate, diagnose and treat their mental health issues. â€Å"Prisons and jails have a legal obligation to provide health and mental health care for inmates† (Ford et al. (2007), yet mentally ill offenders are not receiving services they need or are entitled to receiveRead MoreMental Disorders and Mentally Ill Offenders2098 Words   |  8 Pagespsychotherapy. The symptoms and signs of mental illness differ depending on the disorder. Some signs include confused thinking, or alcohol/drug abuse (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2012). Throughout this paper, I will discuss what is currently known about mentally ill offenders based on the correl ation between mental disorders and criminal activity. Since the 1970’s, severe mental illness has been increasingly linked to the criminal justice system (White et al., 2006). Recently, it was estimated that individualsRead MoreEssay on Homeless and Deinstitutionalization914 Words   |  4 PagesHomeless and Deinstitutionalization Deinstitutionalization- a term popularized in the mid fifties to early seventies, was an experiment involving the release of some 830,000 mental patients. By reducing state mental hospitals by 60%, this ideology was found very appealing by Liberals due to mental patients receiving their freedom (Website 1). It was also liked by conservatives because of the large amount of money that would be saved by cutting the mental health budget. A very debatable questionRead MoreMentally Ill and Criminal Justice3176 Words   |  13 PagesThe mentally ill is over-represented in the criminal justice system when compared with the larger United States population. People with mental illness are incarcerated approximately 8 times more frequently than they are admitted to state mental hospitals, and are incarcerated for significantly longer time than other inmates (Ascher-Svanum, Nyhuis, Faries, Ball, Kinon, 2010). This has been linked to an increased danger to themselves, other inmates and persons employed in the prison system. EffectivelyRead MoreThe Rehabilitation Of Homeless Offenders709 Words   |  3 Pagesfacilitate continued debate and long-term sustained impact on the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of the homeless offender. It is also to be hoped that additional benefits will occur from the research findings, including ensuring: †¢ The research will be made available for the development of further work into the rehabilitation of homeless offenders. †¢ Raising the profile of the homeless amongst academics and society, and encouraging continued informed debate. †¢ Raising the profile, statusRead MoreThe Death Of Christopher Lopez918 Words   |  4 PagesA lawsuit has been filed over the death of Christopher Lopez who was a diagnosed mentally ill inmate. On March 17, 2013 Lopez died while incarcerated in the San Carlos Correctional Facility. Lopez died on a concrete floor struggling to breathe while guards watched through the food slot to his cell. The reality of it which is why this is beyond frustrating and unacceptable in America is because Lopez s was a schizophrenic. Lopez was given a psychotropic drug to deal with his schizophrenia. Lopez

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Terrorism Essay - 1933 Words

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;After watching both Battle of Algiers and Bloody Sunday I have come to have a better understanding of the motivations behind these two very important revolutions. It is important to understand why the FLN and IRA decided to engage in â€Å"terrorist† activities, because analysis of the motivations behind their actions will allow us to see how â€Å"terrorists† are labeled and who is labeling them. The ways in which these groups are labeled and characterized has a large impact on the actions taken and the ramifications of these actions. In the cases of the FLN and IRA, both groups had been labeled â€Å"terrorists† and both took two very different courses of action. These actions are directly related to how they are labeled†¦show more content†¦Why not rise up and fight for civil rights and equality in our own country. Men, women, and children all played integral roles in the revolution. These people still led normal and productiv e lives, but felt they had no opportunity for advancement or betterment of themselves or their families. So, they resorted to violence and the only means they knew how, to get attention. All these people wanted, was to be heard, and they felt this could only be accomplished through violence. The Algerian people and the FLN came off as desperate people who badly want control over their country and their futures and their children’s futures. The French citizens seemed not to care that these people were being treated cruelly, and the government seemed to be on a mission to eradicate all FLN members no matter what the cost. The French government’s main concern was losing control, even if relinquishing control was for a good cause and was the right thing to do. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Also, in Bloody Sunday, the Irish members of the IRA were also desperate and willing to take extreme measures to accomplish their goals. However, the IRA vowed to not use violent tactics, as they knew it would discredit their cause. In Bloody Sunday the IRA seemed organized and comprised of intelligent people who just wanted a radical change in the way they were allowed to interact in society and the opportunities available to them. Men, women, and children of all ages were IRA members who marched downShow MoreRelatedTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism1326 Words   |  6 Pagesallowing terrorism to be successful and continue. Terrorists gain power through the common, innocent people they attack. How the world responds to terrorist attacks determines whether or not terrorism will cease. The common people’s response to terrorism, the interest of the state, and the media’s role in terrorism all aide to terrorism’s success and its continu ation in the future. How people willingly choose to respond to terrorist attacks defines terrorism and determines if terrorism will continueRead MoreTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism1126 Words   |  5 PagesTerrorism Have you ever had a fear for your family, your town, your country, or your world. How about the fear to have everything taken from you, destroyed, and not caring if it has hurt you or not? What about your fear and pain is, and can be someone else’s happiness? The fear of you being terrorized? That is terrorism. Someone else bringing fear and terrorizing you. That is a terrorist’s goal. Terrorism is common and is very difficult to stop. The government promises protection for the peopleRead MoreTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism1035 Words   |  5 PagesOver the past Century, terrorism has advanced from random killings to enormous plans for terrorist groups. To understand terrorism you must first define it. Terrorism as we all know it is hard to define and understand, and has many different definitions as it is used widely. The word terrorism stems from the word terror, which means to instill fear in. People become terrorists when they take the actions towards instilli ng fear and terror upon people to prove a certain point or agenda. Some terroristsRead MoreTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism1626 Words   |  7 PagesTerrorism can be categorized as â€Å"the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as means to create terror, or fear, to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim (Fortna).† Although there is no formal definition of terrorism, we typically associate the words terrorism and terrorists with acts of violence that are used unlawfully to intimidate in pursuance of political gain. Terrorists do not act at random, but rather use violence to maximize on fear and publicity with a specific goal inRead MoreTerrorism And Terrorism : Terrorism1231 Words   |  5 Pages Terrorism is a common term used in the media and news everyday, especially in the United States. We are in a constant battle against ‘terrorism’, â€Å"Counterterrorism has to be woven into the everyday workings of every department. It should be included on the agenda of every meeting†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Kelling Bratton, 2006). Terrorism and How to Respond All terrorism is criminal but not all criminals are terrorists. Terrorism unlike most crimes has a political agenda behind it. Many terrorists are involved withRead MoreTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism851 Words   |  4 PagesTerrorist attacks are major threats that could occur in any nation. Terrorism is one of those things that can happen at any time. It will strike in small, medium and large cities. Although we will never be able to remove all risk from terrorism, we can definitely reduce the risk through hazard mitigation and disaster preparedness (GBRA, 2011). To better understand terrorism we need to know what it is. Terrorism can be defined as the use of force or violence against persons or property in violationRead MoreTerrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism1377 Words   |  6 PagesTerrorism in Sudan In the past, Sudan had been designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism regarding support for international terrorist groups. However, Sudan has changed its approach ever since the 9/11 attacks has been aiding the United States in diminishing the pervasiveness of terrorist groups in Sudan, and in the world. Recently, Sudan has remained cooperative with the United States in its war on counter terrorism. Sudan has taken many preventive measures to keep these terrorist groups outRead MoreThe Effects Of Terrorism On Terrorism And Terrorism944 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of Terrorism â€Å"The history of terrorism is a history of well-known and historically significant individuals, entities, and incidents associated, whether rightly or wrongly, with terrorism,† (History of Terrorism). The history of terrorism is a long bloody road. One of the bloodiest of acts of terrorism in the early years, was the reign of terror. In which, the Jacobin leader, Maximilien Robespierre, executed 40,000 people. Newspapers coined the word â€Å"Terrorism† as a way of describing RobespierreRead MoreTerrorism Between Terrorism And Terrorism1207 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion † What trends are evident in terrorism over the past 5 years? How have these trends impacted on the ways in which counter terrorism has responded in the Australian context? Introduction Terrorism poses a serious security challenge to the Australia and globally as it prevalence has increased over a decade although less attacks occur in the Western nations. The purpose of this assignment is to examine what trends and terrorist tactics are evident internationally over the past 5 years andRead MoreTerrorism Between Terrorism And Terrorism2012 Words   |  9 PagesTerrorism has played a brutal and alarming role in societies across the world. Many nations have been confronted with the need to develop solutions in the wake of tragedies caused by terrorism. Unfortunately, terrorist organizations are still operating and terrorist acts have continued. Many questions that have still gone unanswered despite careful study, but governments are finding some relief when collaborating with anti-terrorism organizations (Fischer, 2002). Terrorists have struck almost everywhere

Minute Speech free essay sample

Taking myself for instance, am only asking for something that doesnt even cost a dollar; Freedom is the word Freedom to speak, freedom to act and freedom to think. I remember on my eleventh birthday, my mum asked me where I would like to celebrate it. Instantly, sushi came to my mind. Raw food is bad for you! My second choice was Korean barbecue. That is too fattening! How about pizza mom? So expensive for just a piece of bread! The final conclusion was that we went to the same old Chinese restaurant, which is my mums favorite.So was I really asking for too much to eat something that I wanted on my birthday? The lives of modern society children are not easy at all. Academically, parents want straight A in all subjects. They want all rounded shining stars so that they can show off in front of their friends. We will write a custom essay sample on Minute Speech or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We are stuffed with competitions. But cant parents understand that not everyone wants to follow the mainstream? Some of us just want an easy and lullaby life. We dont want to live under constant stress and worries.We ant to wake fresh and have a decent social life. Have you ever been told what you should aim for in your life? Most parents want a doctor or a lawyer or even a Nobel Prize Winner in the family. They want us to pursue their unfulfilled dreams. But we, children, want to follow our hearts to pursue our own dreams, not theirs. After all, we are individuals, and not puppets. We children just want to grow up quickly, mature quickly, and to act independently. As long as we are behaving sensibly, parents should let go and let us be what we want to be.

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Pax Romana Essay Example

Pax Romana Essay Aelius Aristides obviously believes there are many benefits to the Pax Romana.Aristides feels that having a centrally run government is the best way for an empire to thrive.Through this government, greater trade is capable and no rebellions will occur. Another benefit is the concept of equality.Everyone living under the Roman Empire has citizenship and is therefore is equal.The governor sets an example of the proper way to be a citizen.In turn, the subjects follow by example, thus, order and peace reign throughout. First of all, this speech was given in front of the Emperor.You cannot speak pessimistically of your ruler to his face.Secondly, Aelius Aristides is living in Greece during a time of peace.This peace is very unique and well received in Greece particularly.Living in Greece, Aristides may not see the flaws of the Republic or he just might not care.He would like this peace to last thus giving him a biased viewpoint.The exaggeration used is a means for propaganda.While Aristi des knows there are flaws, the good outweighs the bad. I believe Aristides portrayal of the Pax Romana is a fair one.Nowadays, you cannot open the paper without reading about a hostage situation in Russia or a bomb going off in the Middle East.I am a firm believer that the ends justify the means.Yes the Roman Republic was fairly corrupted.Elections were rigged and the citizens really had no political power. The fact of the matter is, between 27 B.C. and A.D. 180, no major wars were fought.The economy went through ups and downs like it always does, but the governmental system in place was structured around equality and assimilation.This proved to be successful and enduring.

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4 TD OBT 4 TD OBT Logic and evidence in decision making affiliation Logic and evidence in decision making This form of decision making ensures a manager is sure of all the strategies they aim to implement in an organization. Most managers prefer this method to the use of gut and personal opinion. In an argument by Monahan (2013) evidence based decision making models requires a manager to put in place mechanisms that would make the models more efficient and organization appropriate. The decision making models should consider three factors (Monahan, 2013);Demand evidence In numerous situations, managers are presented with theories and recommendations. They should seek or demand evidence of new theories presented to determine their viability. Examine logic This requires managers to effectively analyze the evidence presented and eliminate any judgment caused by inappropriate reasoning. Encourage experimentation This is applicable in situations whereby there is a lack of evidence. The manager should be abl e to create evidence and request experimentation from other departmental heads. In an argument by Monahan (2013), logic and evidence based decision making models present risks that managers should be keen to avoid. For instance, a manager should develop alternative thinking lines to eliminate the possibility of negative reasoning. A manager is also advised to avoid status quo. The success of an organization may be based on an already existing strategy. However, this may be limiting the success level of the organization. In addition, the manager should provide room and opportunity for counter arguments from both employees and department heads.ReferenceMonahan, G. (2000). Management Decision Making. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Analysis of the asia pacific airline industry

Analysis of the asia pacific airline industry There are many industries that the world has come to heavily rely on as globalization has become more widespread. The idea of national and continental boundaries being a limitation has gradually been overtaken by the innovations of mankind over the past few decades. The inventor of the airplane; Orville Wright is quoted as saying in 1908; â€Å"No airship will ever fly from New York to Paris.  That seems to me to be impossibleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦the airship will always be a special messenger, never a load-carrier† (Smithsonian Education, 2010). What he could not have imagined was that a century later his invention would be at the centre of the globalisation movement taking place and that the airplanes would be the core of an industry which directly facilitates economic growth, world trade, international investment and tourism (Doganis, 2000). The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts international air travel to grow by an average of 6.6% a year to the end of t he decade and over 5% a year from 2000 to 2010 (Stanford University; 2010). These rates correlate with the levels of profitability that have been noted over the past five years as illustrated in Figure-1, showing that the level of profitability in the industry has been steadily growing over the past 5 years. Figure-1: IATA, 2010 The Asia Pacific Airline Industry The most dynamic growth is centred on the Asia Pacific region, where fast-growing trade and investment are coupled with rising domestic prosperity. Home to more than 4 billion people and driven by two of the largest dynamic economies; India and China, the Asia-Pacific region carries more than 25% of global passenger traffic annually (IATA Annual Report, 2010). According to IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani, as of April 2010 the Asia Pacific region was deemed to be the world’s largest aviation market (IATA Annual Report 2010). High rates of economic growth in the emerging markets within the Asia Pacific have led to the rapid expansion of aviation industries serving Asia and The Pacific (Sumner et al. 1995). The Asia Pacific airline industry witnessed a boom in the 1990’s that can only be termed as remarkable especially when compared to the performance of other airline markets such as the USA and Europe (Sumner et al. 1995). The dynamic nature of this region places it as an area of economic interest and analysis. This paper will give an economic analysis which will present arguments of how the airline industry functions and the plausible economic justifications for the massive growth that has been seen in the Asia Pacific airline industry. To present a concise analysis we will focus on three major commercial airlines in the region namely; Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and All Nippon Airways as well as three market leaders in the Low Cost Carriers Sector (LCCs) namely; Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Airways and Air Asia. 2. Asia Pacific Airline Industry: A Competitive Analysis Airline services categ orized as low cost carriers or LCC’s emerged in the airline industry in the South-East Asia region following deregulation in the early 2000’s and Air Asia pioneered low cost travelling (Arifin et al. 2010). Arifin et al. (2010) further highlight that as the number of LCC’s has grown; these airlines have begun to compete with one another in addition to the full service airlines. A competitive analysis of the Asia Pacific airline industry is therefore two-fold; firstly analysis on the basis of the competition between LCC’s themselves and secondly between LCC’s and full service airlines.